The World's Future Online
54 students

Welcome to The World’s Future facilitation course!

Would you like to explore the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Or maybe you teach social sciences or public policy classes and want to provide your students with insight into the transformation towards sustainability and ways to increase water, energy and food security? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a tool to teach a systems approach to problem solving? No matter what your motives are, we will help you acquire knowledge about and experience in using The World’s Future Online a social simulation designed to represent the challenges inherent in managing the food-water-energy nexus.

What you will get:

  • access to 6 learning modules, including videos and live sessions with professional trainer (check Curriculum for details)
  • downloadable materials for when you need a quick reminder of the rules
  • a course designed to make you feel confident using The World’s Future Online in your activities
  • flexibility – you learn when you have time

More details at the official website.